Our mission

MRS is coordinating efforts with Association for Qualitative Research (AQR), The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), ESOMAR, Insights Association, the QRCA, The Research Society (TRS), SampleCon, and The Association of Market Research Austria (VMÖ) to address ongoing and emerging risks to data quality in the market and social research, consumer insights and analytics industry. With the goal of increasing information and building trust, each organization will lead a workstream that delivers to the global quality resources to improve the conversation and outcomes around:

  • The language of quality - how we refer to the different aspects of fraud, duplicates, and survey cleaning in ways that inform with accuracy and transparency
  • Fraud detection – tracking the prevalence of fraudulent survey completions by humans or bots and outlining best fraud detection and mitigation practices
  • Identification and mitigation of bias from sample frame and representativeness
  • Data quality in research surveys, and the resulting impact on overall quality of the data
  • Improvement in the research participant experience

Current and planned work

Each organisation will lead an effort to create content, standards, and training around key functional areas of quality including language, measurement, activation, participant experience, and sampling technology. The organisations are committed to facilitating forums to raise awareness and encourage presentations by and discussions with experts and thought leaders.

Meetings are already underway in which experts are working collectively to formulate best practice guidelines and buildout, refine, and coordinate universal terms and definitions. Research, including fielding a survey about fraud detection, is being discussed.